Spanish Magazines Online

Spanish Magazines Online

List of Spanish magazines featuring various issues including celebrity news, fashion, movies, TV shows, celebrities, pop culture and more.

List of magazines in Spanish

  • Vanidades


    One of the most widely circulated women’s magazines in Spanish language. The magazine published in many countries including Chile, Dominican Republic, United States, and Mexico.

  • Latina magazine cover

    Latina Magazine

    Spanish American women’s magazine, published by Latina Media Ventures, LLC. The magazine featuring fashion, beauty, entertainment, latest news in Latin music, lifestyles, travel, Latin community, celebrity, restaurant, Latin dishes, and more.

  • Siempre Mujer

    Siempre Mujer

    Hispanic women’s magazine published by Meredith Corporation. Siempre Mujer is a publication for women of Hispanic living in the United States. The magazine featuring all types of issues, women’s health, family finances, latest on fashion, relationships, and self-improvement.

  • ¡Hola! Spanish magazine cover


    Weekly Spanish-language magazine based in Spain, ¡Hola! also published in Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Greece, Russia, Peru, United Kingdom, and Mexico.

  • People en Espanol magazine cover

    People en Español

    Spanish-language edition of People magazine, published since 1996. People en Español magazine published by Time Inc. The magazine covering beauty, entertainment, music, film, fashion, and more.

  • Hispanic Network magazine cover

    Hispanic Network Magazine (HNM)

    Hispanic Network Magazine contains articles about Latino lifestyle, business, education, and career.

  • Cosmopolitan en Espanol magazine cover

    Cosmopolitan en Español

    Leading Spanish-language magazine covering fashion, beauty, relationships, Latino culture, health, self-improvement, celebrities, makeup, wellness, fitness, and more.

  • Urban Latino magazine cover

    Urban Latino Magazine

    Lifestyle and cultural publication for bicultural Latinos, and Urban Latino. The magazine published 8 times per year.

  • Americas - Spanish Edition Cover

    Americas – Spanish Edition

    Educational and intellectual magazine also include in-depth articles about cultural topics related to the Americas (Central, North and Latin America).

  • Literal Magazine
  • LATINA Style
  • ArtNexus