Andhra Pradesh to send Nellore ayurveda practitioner’s ‘Covid drug’ to ICMR for efficacy test


Andhra Pradesh to send Nellore ayurveda practitioner’s ‘Covid drug’ to ICMR for efficacy test

The purported miracle cure for Covid-19, known as Krishnapatnam medicine or Krishnapatnam tonic, is viral on social media, prompting hundreds of people to queue up outside Bonigi Anandaiah’s home.

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy on Friday ordered scientific tests on an Ayurveda medicine that is being distributed by an Ayurveda practitioner in the port town of Krishnapatnam in Nellore district as a “cure” for Covid-19.

The ruling YSRCP MLA, K Govardhan Reddy, who is actively promoting Ayurveda medicine in the town, which is in his assembly constituency, told The Indian Express that it is a “miracle cure” for Covid-19.

“Several Covid-19 patients who took this Ayurveda medicine showed good improvement and were cured. Bonigi Anandaiah is a renowned Ayurveda practitioner and he has found five medicinal combinations to cure Covid-19. His medicine is working… that is why there are so many people outside his house in Krishnapatnam,” said Reddy.

When asked about the large crowds outside that are not following Covid protocols, he said the security personnel posted are doing their best to ensure people maintain social distancing. However, as several health department officials and former IAS officers, including former health secretary P V Ramesh, red-flagged the large gatherings as “a recipe for Covid disaster”, the AP government jumped into action.

“Our MLA K Govardhan Reddy has been told not to promote or advertise this so-called miracle cure till the medical experts submit their reports. The CM is angry and upset over this,” an official said.

“The government has decided to send the ayurvedic medicine, which is rumored to be a miracle cure for Covid-19, to the ICMR (Indian Council of Medical Research) for a detailed study of its efficacy. The government has also decided to send a team of medical experts including Ayurveda doctors to Nellore to examine the formulation of the medicine,’’ the official added.

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